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12.2021 - Current

Sr. Unity Developer

  • Working with Quest global Pvt Ltd as unity developer on AR VR and MR project as solutions handler.

  • Worked within applicable standards, policies and regulatory guidelines to promote safe working environment.

  • Worked with customers to understand needs and provide excellent service. Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.

  • Collaborated with team members to achieve target results.

  • Improved operations through consistent hard work and dedication.

06.2021 - 12.2021

Software Developer

  • Worked with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development india.

  • I have worked on Lets Meet Multiplayer App on MR using Photon cloud Multiplayer Engine.

  • I have worked on IK integration on users avatar.

  • Tracking Avatars position and rotation stored in Json on server side(This task created for German Student.)

01.2021 - 06.2021

AR VR Developer

  • 360 VR application developed in Oculus Quest 2 

  • I have worked on Excavator Task in this task i have updated Forward kinematics and inverse Kinamatics.

  • I have worked on 3d interactive for product marketing purpose.

  • I have worked on AR project in Android and iOS platforms.

05.2019 - 09.2020

Software Developer

08.2018 - 02.2019

  • In This project Emdep Testboard table is design by using cube grid map to check testboard plug arrangements on testboard.

  • After that i was integrated heatmap to check fault plugs on testboard  

  • Cross platform connectivity and data sharing in local network in json format.

  • One is windows pc is server side and another is iOS device clientside

  • I have worked on mixed reality object interactive projects.

Unity Developer

  • AR, VR, Interactive Walkthrough.

  • PC VR walk-through Application Designed in htc Vive headset by using steam VR Plugin and MobileVR.

  • Walk-through for Android Platform in Google Cardboard.

  • Interactive Walk-through developed in PC .exe , Android and iOS platforms.

01.2017 - 07.2018

Full Stack Developer

  • Turkish Poker - Multiplayer CardGame.

  • Front end in Unity 3d by using C# and Back end developed in nodeJs, mongo DB

  • Poker Pie -Multiplayer game -Unity 3d and Photon for multiplayer management 3d Platformer Game.

  • I have worked on Ludo and chess boardbased games using photon multiplayer engine.



Bachelor of Engineering |
Information Technology

  • In Academic years passed out over all is with 56.45%

  • In year of 2015 i was event organizer.

  • I was in college cricket team played opening batsman.


12th | Science State Board

I was passed in with First Class 67%


10th | Marathi Medium State Board

I was passed in with First Class with Distiction 78.46%

& Expertise

  • Unity 3d, C#, Shader Programming.

  • Photon Multiplayer Engine Photon PUN, Photon Bolt, Photon Voice, Agora Video, WebRTC for screen sharing.

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

  • JavaScript, Node JS.

  • basic C and c++

  • Learning about omniverse in Create, Isaac Sim, Python as scripting technology in omniverse.

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